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About Me

Why I Chose To Be A Massage Therapist

I worked 11 years in the civil service. First, eight years as an electrician; and, the last four as a pipe fitter.

I enjoyed my work as long as I was working in my trade (that’s another story).

Then pain became a common factor in my life. I’ll skip the emotional and spiritual stuff. My body hurt all the time; in my neck, my back, knees and hands. I was a big walking "owie".

A very wonderful mentor in my life asked what I did that made me feel good. I told her I felt great when I flossed my teeth. Somehow she kept from laughing in my face and suggested a massage.

My life hit a turning point. As I started getting massages on a regular basis, my pain level went down. I learned a new way to take care of me. I was so impressed, I changed careers.

Lesley Bush
Lesley Bush, LMT

The Difference

You can have relief from stress, injury, and chronic pain.

I will professionally drape you through the entire massage session...You will be warm, safe, and secure.

I am gifted and professionally schooled in the field of massage. I help the body to heal on its own. The results are amazing.